🏠MHAPPY Coin Intro

MHAPPY was founded by COUPONNGERNBAHT CO., LTD., a company that operates in Blockchain technology such as DAPP, Stake, Mining, NFTs, Gaming, Marketplace, Decentralized exchange. We have a team of professionals working in Blockchain technology for more than 10 years. The famous platform launched by the company now is MHAPPY Stablecoin, Saving, Mining, Marketplace. MHAPPY is a stablecoin that uses Thai Bath to guarantee its value.

MHAPPY Coin, The Token Of Stablecoin Project

The entire MHAPPY ecosystem consists of a subset of projects on the MGP platform as well as related products across the system, using MHAPPY Coin. as a stable coin as an intermediary. Connecting the worlds of industry blockchain & Crypto

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How it work

  • MGP Shopping Mall are online shopping malls. have many products for sale accept MHAPPY for payment

  • MHAPPY is a payment gateway instead of cash on Platform MGPmall marketplace.

  • MHAPPY saving is a platform for monetizing company investments in various projects. That gives a certain return. The Staking pays monthly and yearly returns. According to the investment plan for each type of asset

About us

Company Register : The company is legally registered and has a place of business establishment. Please see detailsβ€œ

Team : We have a team that specializes in Blockchain technology for more than 10 years.

Strong Business : We have entered into partnerships with high-security businesses. in terms of technology

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Faeture of MHAPPY

We have a professional system design and development teams. We have hired various skilled programmers to develop the project to make it as perfect as possible.

βš™οΈpageFeature of MHAPPY

Benefit of MHAPPY

Get digital assets on the MGP platform for more than 30 years to use as discounts on goods and services. from the project's online stores

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How to buy MHAPPY Coin

MHAPPY Swap Exchange is an exchange that offers token purchase service directly through the website. Low fee to buy Tokens, get Tokens immediately after purchase, Tokens can be transferred immediately.

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This network guarantees superior speed and lower transaction costs on the network.Fast Transaction, Low trading fees, Security, exchange support

βš™οΈpageFeature of MHAPPY

Benefits of token

MGP platform for more than 30 years to use as discounts on goods and services. from the project's online stores, namely MGP malls, and from shops or general establishments participating in the 70/30 project.

πŸ†pageBenefits of MHAPPY

MHAPPY Coin run on binance Smart Chain. (BEP20) guarantees lower transaction costs

πŸͺ™pageMHAPPY Tokenomice

We have allocated each token in a balanced way in our project to ensure transparency in achieving our project goals.

πŸ’₯pageToken Allocation

MHAPPY Roadmap

We have a large project for MHAPPY as shown in the Roadmap and all platform.The developers of MHAPPY are focused on the long-term vision of the project. We intend to make sure that our project hits all its milestones and objectives secure and accessible for everyone.


We are a diverse group of highly skilled developers, marketers, Our team has the knowledge, drive, and aptitude capable of scaling this project to the moon and beyond. From unparalleled viral marketing execution, to robust influencer connections and proven digital marketing strategies to many countries, the team is on a mission to turn MHAPPY to growth

πŸ’ΌpageMarketplace PlatformπŸ›οΈpagePayment gatewayπŸ“¦pageInvestment Platform

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