🎯About us

MHAPPY was founded by COUPONNGERNBAHT CO., LTD., a company that operates in Blockchain technology such as DAPP, Stake, Mining, NFTs, Gaming, Marketplace, Decentralized exchange. We have a team of professionals working in Blockchain technology for more than 10 years. The famous platform launched by the company now is MHAPPY Stablecoin, Saving, Mining, Marketplace. MHAPPY is a stablecoin that uses Thai Bath to guarantee its value.

Company Overviews

Company Register : The company is legally registered and has a place of business establishment. Please see detailsβ€œ

Team : We have a team that specializes in Blockchain technology for more than 10 years.

Strong Business : We have entered into partnerships with high-security businesses. in terms of technology

Business Model

Saving Platform : Earn passive income on your investments up to 100%

Mining Platform : Earn passive income from mining up to 30 years. With the best DAPP

e-Commerce : Global coverage and presence in all countries of the World.

Payment Gateway : Every transaction is rated by both parties, and the reputation of each


Discounts Products : Get a discount on our products & Service. when paying MHAPPY.

Loyalty program : Participation in the Staking loyalty program for token holders.

Receive Bonus : Refer friends to join the program. Receive BNB automatically.

Get Free MHAPPY : Buy products & Service. Receive Free MHAPPY automatic in wallet.

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