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One of the main priorities of the MHAPPY is full security of the Clients. The MHAPPY doesn't let this information become open to the general public and be used for a third party's own purposes. The MHAPPY doesn't provide, doesn't sell, doesn't disclose, doesn't give for temporary use the information on Client's personality and account to third parties. The MHAPPY values its reputation and respects the MHAPPY's Clients.

Gathering The Information

By opening an account the Client agrees to and accepts all of the provisions set forth in this Policy.

In order to open an account with the MHAPPY, the Client must first complete and submit an application form to the MHAPPY by completing the required information, which includes: full name, date of birth, country of residence, complete address, including phone number and city code etc All this information is given by the Client during registration of the Back Office. Gathering information is an obligatory condition for the beginning of a business relationship with the MHAPPY. The information that Clients provide to the MHAPPY may also be used by the MHAPPY to inform Clients regarding the MHAPPY's services.

Personal Data That Is Collected By The MHAPPY

Personal data, provided by Clients includes:

  • information indicated by the Client during the Back Office registration (full name, date of birth, country of residence, complete address, including phone number and city code);

  • documents that let the MHAPPY verify Client Back Office, namely government-issued identification documents (passport, national ID, driver's license, or similar document) and documents that confirm the place of residence (utility bill(gas, water, electricity or other), bank statement);

  • documents that confirm money transfer (in case of bank transfer, based on the MHAPPY's decision);

  • and any other information customarily used to identify the Client, if this is required by the legal requirements.

If you decide not to provide some data from this list, we may not be able to provide you with some requested services.

The Use Of Information

Information given by the Client is used solely to provide quality services. For example, Client's contact information may be used in case of need in urgent contact with the Client or to inform the Client about the MHAPPY's updates and news. By giving information about himself, the Client verifies personal Back Office thus participating in bringing AML policy to life. Client's data is used to confirm the identity, to open trading and/or partner accounts, to quickly inform about new services of the MHAPPY, to maintain the database of customers' accounts, and to analyze statistical data for providing services and products of higher quality.

Personal data given by the Client can also be used for the following purposes:

  • legal compliance;

  • performance of a contractual obligations;

  • marketing purposes.

Information Protection

The MHAPPY uses advanced technology to provide the security of personal data. The MHAPPY has put in place appropriate security measures to prevent accidentally lost, use, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure of personal data. The MHAPPY employees maintain strict standards in the process of transferring information within the MHAPPY.

The MHAPPY limits access to your personal data to those employees who require access to limited data of Clients and only specific categories of employees have full access to personal data of Clients (e.g. verification or account managers).

Any information and access will be encrypted using SSL technology. Where The MHAPPY has given to the Client (or where the Client has chosen) a password which enables the Client to access certain parts of the Companies website, the Client is responsible for keeping this password confidential. The MHAPPY will not ask the Client to share a password with anyone.

Retention Period

The retention period for personal data storage is 5 years. The MHAPPY has the right to remove all data, which was received from the Client when it considers that personal information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.

The MHAPPY may keep personal data for longer than 5 years for the next reasons: legal reasons, regulatory reasons, or technical reasons.

Disclosure Of Information To Third Parties

The MHAPPY will not rent or sell information about the Client to third parties outside the MHAPPY without the consent of the Client.

The MHAPPY keeps the right to give information about the Client to third parties only under special circumstances. Such circumstances may be:

  • protection of personal rights and property in the court;

  • implementing the court orders;

  • providing information to law enforcement authorities at official request;

  • transferring of information to business partners (trustees) to improve the quality of service.

In order to give the Clients comprehensive, state-of-the-art high-quality service, the MHAPPY may exchange personal data with its partners. However, the use of Client's personal data is limited to sharing the account number with one of the partners at their request. At the request of the Client, the MHAPPY can provide information about the services that the partners provide for it.

You agree that we will disclose your personal information to third parties in the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, in which case personal data about its customers will be one of the transferred assets.

Changes In Personal Information

Because the MHAPPY assumes that all the information is full and relevant, the MHAPPY asks the Client to notify the MHAPPY of any changes in the personal data via the appropriate forms of the Back Office.

Rights Of The Client

Every Client has the next rights regarding the processes of collecting, using, and managing his/her personal information:

  • a) the right to be informed and the right to access;

    The MHAPPY describes the procedure of processing of personal data in this Policy. We have tried to make this Policy easy and understandable for our Clients, but if you have any inquiries regardiion, you could email us at admin@mhappy-stablecointhai.com

  • b) the right to rectification;

    If you know we have the wrong data about you, or that your data is incomplete you are entitled to have it rectified. You may inform us at any time that your personal details have changed by sending an email to us.

  • c) the right to restrict processing;

    You can ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances such as if you contest the accuracy of that personal information or object to us processing it.

  • d) the right to data portability;

    You have the right to obtain personal information that you have provided us with and to re-use it elsewhere or ask us to transfer this to a third party of your choice.

  • e) the right to object;

    You can ask us to stop processing your personal information in certain circumstances. Also, if you receive emails from us, you can always opt-out at the bottom of the email, or by contacting us.

  • f) the right to erasure;

    You can ask us to delete or remove your personal information in certain circumstances such as if we no longer need it or you withdraw your consent provided that we have no legal obligation to retain that data. Such requests will be subject to any retention limits, which we are required to comply with in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • g) the right for refusal.

    The Client has the right to refuse to provide the personal information required by the regulations if it goes against the Client's beliefs. However, in this case, the MHAPPY would not be able to provide the Client with its services.

    If you do not want us to use your personal data, you must inform the MHAPPY by sending an email to mhappy-stablecointhai.com The MHAPPY will not be able to continue to provide services and information requested by the Client if the Client makes such a decision.

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